Drum Circles Improve Depression

Drum Circles Help Depression

We’ve all wondered about these other methods that are used to help combat depression. Some work quite well, while others tend to blur the lines of kooky. There has been something though that has been used for many centuries as a healing tool, drum circles. It sounds strange but, it’s true and according to the cultures it has derived from, it works wonders. Musical therapy works, but this is a different kind of therapy.

Being a part of something like a drum circle has a way of pulling you out of your shell or dark corner and into the light. There are other parts to a drum circle that can help as well. The dancing aspect is something that can elevate the positive in yourself. The act of letting your guard down will in turn help to let the positive things in. Beating the drum in rhythm is a great way to release stress and anger. Banging on the drum as an expression of your frustration is very healing and therapeutic, just like hitting a punching bag does. Only with the drum there is a sort of spiritual sense to it that is uplifting and can help to relieve your depression bit by bit.

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