Living a Sober Life in Houston

Living a Sober Life in Houston | Transcend Texas

When Sobriety Isn’t Enough

Individuals struggling with addiction, as well as well-meaning friends and family, often believe that once the addict stops drinking or using drugs, things will be easier and sober life in Houston will continue uninterrupted. However, in practice we find that in the early stages of recovery things are often harder before they get easier. An active addiction means that an individual has become physically and psychologically dependent on a substance or behavior.

When that individual begins the recovery journey, they must learn new and healthy ways to cope with stress and handle their emotions. This journey to living a sober life in Houston can certainly be a challenging and daunting process. Simply trying to live a sober life in Houston is not enough – addicts must learn new and useful ways to deal with normal life stressors that will continue to exist throughout life. When in the past they used drugs, alcohol, or an addictive behavior to get them through life’s ups and downs, we work to equip clients with the resources and know-how to deal with their troubles in a healthy and constructive way.

How We Can Help: Developing Vocational & Life Skills

Transcend Texas helps addicts by teaching and implementing a variety of behavioral modification strategies into the recovery programs. Each sober living house works with residents to come up with an individualized treatment plan for each resident comprised of long-term and short-term goals. Houses work closely with addiction specialists to help residents develop comprehensive coping skills to live healthy, happy, and meaningful lives free of their addiction.

Each of our sober living homes offers regularly scheduled process groups, as well as morning and evening check-in groups to help residents plan for their day and organize their time effectively. At the end of each day we also like to review residents accomplishments to ensure they are making progress in their recovery program. At Transcend Texas, residents are expected to keep their beds made and rooms clean, do their own laundry, and complete simple household chores. This helps many residents build the skills needed for independent living. Transcend Texas also offers vocational training programs in which residents can undergo apprenticeships and internships in fields of their interest.

From working under skilled chefs to botanical specialists, Transcend Texas helps residents learn practical life skills in professional and collaborative environments. Our recovery team also offers case management services, working with residents to enroll in school, create resumes, apply for jobs, prepare for interviews, obtain internships, and engage in volunteer work or community service. We believe that such educational and vocational counseling helps residents stay busy and engage with their communities in meaningful and fulfilling ways.

Living a Sober Life in Houston

A sober life in Houston is more than living without addictive substances and behaviors – a sober life in Houston should be rich with the support of close friends and family, and full of meaningful participation in work and/or school, and community engagement. Living a happy and sustainable life free of drugs and alcohol means that individuals must develop healthy ways to meet their own emotional needs. Transcend Texas meets individuals where they are in their particular stage of recovery, and works with them at their own pace to get them on their feet again and achieve their unique recovery goals.

Transcend residents often maintain active engagement in our sober living community many months and years after completing treatment, and graduating from the Transcend program. This is due to the close personal connection they feel to the Transcend community while living in our homes. Residents report that the sense of accountability, work ethic, and responsibility they gained while at Transcend has been invaluable in their educational and vocational pursuits when they resume life at home.