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Houston Sober Living

Transcend Texas is at the forefront of premier sober living in Houston, Texas, offering a fully immersive and dynamic addiction and mental health program that seeks to meet each client where they are. We’ve created individualized, holistic sober living settings that are designed with the purpose of helping our clients utilize their natural gifts and abilities, while navigating the challenges of early recovery through a proactive, collaborative approach with qualified and compassionate professionals. We work to help every client improve upon the work they’ve done in treatment so that they can build a rich and meaningful life in recovery.

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We take a fresh approach to existing care models by focusing firmly on reintegration and life skills development. In addition to assisting clients on their recovery journey, our sober living Houston programs will place an equal emphasis on treating the family dynamic as a whole. Clients and their families are an integral part of our care model. Our goal is to help all the parties affected by the addiction, and to ensure that the recovery process is as thorough and successful as possible.

Transcend Texas promises a unique and personalized recovery experience tailored to the needs of each client in our sober living Houston programs. We promise to offer a level of care that encompasses the individual, their family, their past, and their future. Transcend Texas' Houston sober home promises to be fully dedicated to the recovery and reintegration of each client back into a purposeful and meaningful life. We promise to offer a sober living Houston experience like none other.

If you or someone you know needs help navigating the road to recovery, speak with one of our confidential sober living Houston intake specialists about our Houston sober living facility.

We introduce our clients into a vibrant community of recovery here in Houston, and into the larger family of Transcend sober living homes across the United States. We know how isolating addiction can be, and that’s why we’ve built a program centered around healthy connection, where clients can rebuild their lives with people who genuinely care about supporting the success of our client’s recoveries. Let us help you develop the knowledge and skills to achieve your dreams, and thrive in a life of sobriety.

Everything we do is based on a simple and yet powerful mantra: “Helping people help themselves.” With a commitment to self-empowerment, our goal is to help people who want to change their lives and improve themselves. We provide the motivation and the means for these personal changes, so that our clients can experience the kind of transformation that will endure long after they depart one of our programs.

We invite you to re-imagine what a sober life can be. Call Transcend’s dedicated staff 24/7, 365 days a year at (877) 394-8810 to begin your journey of transformation today.