Women’s Sober Living in Houston

Women's Sober Living in Houston - Transcend Texas

Our Houston Women’s Sober Living Home: Safe, Loving, Warm, Luxurious

Welcome to our Oxford House! This Houston women’s sober living home provides a safe and loving space for our residents to grow into the next phase of their lives. We specialize in a trauma centered approach, and work to address all the experiences and events throughout a women’s life that have influenced her mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our Houston sober living program at Transcend Texas is designed to support any woman struggling with substance abuse, dual-diagnosis, and various mental health issues. With a diverse team of professionals dedicated to comprehensive healing, and the structured recovery community to provide continual guidance, we will help each woman develop a path to recovery that best suites her individual needs and goals. We strive in healing the whole person – mind, soul, and body.

Transcend Texas recognizes that there are many factors that contribute to the beginning of substance use and abuse. While many factors affect men as well, concerns such as relationship issues, low self-worth, and economic insecurities tend to resonate more with our female clients. Our staff are trained to deal with especially sensitive mental health issues around self-harm and disordered eating that disproportionately affect women and girls. We know that addressing these issues can be highly emotional, and mentally taxing experiences for individuals, but our team is here to provide a high level of support and guidance every step of the way.

Transcend Texas focuses on an individualized program Houston women’s sober living program that incorporates a woman’s relationships with her family and various support systems, practice in life-skills development, and greater self-empowerment. This “client-centered” approach to care allows each woman to take an active role in her recovery, and ultimately, gain the tools and insight necessary for long term well-being and self-care. From on-site internships, to resume building, job and educational application assistance, and vocational training, we work to empower the individuals.

Transcend Texas operates as a family in our women’s sober living home, and creates a home environment in Houston where the women that live here will be sisters in sobriety, supporting each other and cheering each other on. From preparing and enjoying family dinners, to group outings, to attending support meetings together, Transcend offers a place to find support not just from staff, but from other clients as well. As women, but especially women in recovery, whether it be from drug addiction, process addiction, mental health issues, or dual-diagnosis, having each other to trust and lean on is paramount to a fulfilling and purposeful life in recovery.

Additionally, Houston is a beautiful, fast-growing city that offers the residents of the Transcend Texas women’s sober living home plenty of fun activities. A day trip to the beach, a walk through any of the various museums in the Museum District, kayaking at Buffalo Bayou, touring NASA, or visiting Kemah boardwalk are just a few great ways to spend the day. And just down the street from the house we have yoga, pilates, a park, and great cafes and coffee shops!

Our newly renovated women’s sober living home in Houston exudes a feeling of warmth and luxury. We custom designed this facility to ensure that the feelings of security, comfort, and well-being are continuous throughout a woman’s stay with us. In addition to fully stocked kitchens, our women’s sober living home features nutritious meals prepared by a private chef! We supervise the taking of all medications, provide transportation to any recovery or mental health related meetings, appointments, and/or groups, and we have staff on hand 24/7 to provide the structure and support needed when working towards a healthier lifestyle. While such amenities and concierge features are not standard in most sober living homes, we strive to equip clients with every possible resource for them to attain their best self, and live a life reimagined in recovery.

Houston Women’s Sober Living Amenities

  • Women’s sober living home located in the beautiful Houston Heights area of Houston, TX.
  • Yoga and fitness studios, coffee shops, boutique shopping, and unique eateries within walking distance from the house.
  • Full transportation provided to appointments, work, school, IOP, and meetings.
  • Chef-prepared meals every weekday, along with a fully stocked kitchen and pantry.
  • Membership to an exclusive, local gym within walking distance from the house.
  • Thriving town center and job opportunities conveniently located near the house.
  • Wireless internet, full cable and flat screen televisions.
  • 24/7 awake staff, with a staff to client ratio of 3:1.
  • Twice weekly drug-testing with lab confirmations at our Women’s sober living home.
  • Two experiential classes per week, ranging from mindfulness meditation, to acupuncture, yoga, etc.
  • Dedicated Family Director with a family workshop every other month.
  • Weekly goal setting and follow-up to promote accountability.
  • Goal driven level system that promotes fellowship and personal growth.
  • Weekly communications with client’s family and treatment teams.
  • Safe and beautiful location in an excellent neighborhood for our women’s sober living home.