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Benefits of Houston Transitional Living Services

Transitional living/housing is a term often used in addiction treatment, yet few outside of the treatment world understand exactly what it means. At Transcend Texas Recovery Community, our transitional living is not just recovery jargon – it is something our entire program revolves around. The purpose of our Houston transitional housing is to provide a residential setting specifically designed to help individuals cope with life transitions. In the case of Transcend Texas, the transition at hand is from addiction to recovery, from sickness to emotional, mental, and physical wellness.

In the past, going into a residential treatment facility for a 30-day period was seen as the gold standard of addiction treatment. However, addiction is a chronic illness, and the vast majority of addicts need much more than 30 days of treatment to conquer their disease and achieve long-term wellness. Transcend Texas uses our Houston transitional living services to help residents slowly reintegrate back into their daily lives with the help of treatment professionals and a robust supportive staff.

How We Stay Connected, Our Wraparound Approach

Transcend Texas utilizes a wraparound approach to help individuals transition back into their lives. A wraparound approach means that our staff coordinates with therapists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, dietitians, wellness coaches, yoga instructors, trainers, family therapists, interventionists, education consultants, and other professionals to coordinate treatment and ensure everyone involved with a resident’s case is on the same page.

For example, it is important that if a resident meets with an addiction therapist in the Houston area, than that therapist knows how the resident is doing on a daily basis. Since most therapists, psychiatrists, and adjunct providers meet with their clients 1-2 times per week, it is crucial that Transcend Texas staff who interact with residents for many hours each day in our Houston transitional living facility, be in communication with outside providers. Our staff are able to let them know if residents at the Houston transitional living facility are working and progressing towards their goals, or if they are struggling with depressed mood, irritability, or with feelings of overwhelm.

Other Houston transitional living services and programs often do not offer such a wraparound approach to treatment and, as a result, their residents may slip through the cracks of early recovery and are at a higher risk for relapse. Transcend Texas staff employ the transitional living and housing wraparound approach by utilizing text messaging, email, and face to face consultation to support outside staff members in treating residents.

At times it is indicated for our staff to even sit in on a resident’s therapy sessions, so that addiction therapists and Transcend Program Directors can work closely together to help residents overcome challenges and achieve their goals. When this is the case, our staff are readily available to step in and support the valuable work the addiction therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors do. They work together to help residents free themselves from the shackles of addiction, and take the steps to build a solid foundation of sobriety, honesty, and community. This is the nexus of our Houston transitional living services – a sober living program where transitioning residents back to being fully independent, healthy adults is taken seriously.

Incorporating Adjunct Support

Transcend Texas maintains constant contact with outside professionals when need be. We utilize the wraparound approach by talking to other providers on the phone as often as necessary, at least once a week and often daily. This is to ensure that all treatment professionals involved in a resident’s case are up to date on the latest developments in the client’s life. When it comes to our transitional living services, there is no other program in Houston that offers this level of coordination with outside providers.

Individuals are sometime court ordered to participate in treatment and sober living in Houston due to legal troubles caused by their addictions. In these cases, Transcend Texas is able to provide lawyers and judges with weekly progress updates, as well as with the results of residents’ drug and alcohol screenings. We assure that lawyers and judges know when residents are doing well, participating in treatment, and staying sober. This crucial aspect of wraparound care often helps residents avoid strict punishment for drug and alcohol related crimes.