What’s the Difference Between Rehab and Sober Living?

Rehab vs Sober Living

Residential treatment, or rehab as it’s known colloquially, is perhaps the most well-known form of addiction treatment. You sign into a program at a treatment clinic, living there and partaking in a preordained schedule, going through different treatment modalities based on what you respond to the most. In some cases of addiction, medication is involved […]

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Coping with Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawl Symptoms

One of the more uncomfortable parts of the recovery process is withdrawal. During withdrawal, the body violently objects against abstinence to drug use, and essentially causes a plethora of painful symptoms in response to sobriety and staying clean. This process is more uncomfortable for some than for others, and different drugs produce varying withdrawal symptoms. […]

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How Excessive Alcohol Use Damages Your Body & Mind

Problems With Alcoholism

Heroin and prescription opiates alone have caused roughly over 45,000 deaths in the last year, accounting for the majority of overdose deaths in America. For the past year, headlines regarding the opioid crisis have warned, time and time again, that this is a growing and catastrophic issue for society. Countless articles recount how the prescription […]

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