What Makes Opioids Addictive?

makes opioids addictive | Transcend Texas

There are few drugs that are as devastating or addictive as heroin – and that’s truer today than ever before. As our country is facing a massive opioid problem, we must understand what opioids are, which opioids are most dangerous, what makes opioids addictive, and why they’re central to the problem that’s taken so many lives […]

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Addiction Affects More Than Just You

Addiction Affects More Than Just You | Transcend Texas

Addiction is one of the toughest conditions to get through. It’s not just that you’re fighting your body – in many cases, you’re fighting against your own will. Being an addict isn’t easy, and it’s never a choice. It’s the absence of choice, and addiction affects more than just you. What makes it even harder […]

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What Are Some of the Worst Addictions to Have?

worst addictions | Transcend Texas

Addiction is bad, and there’s no way to talk around that. It’s a debilitating psychological and physical condition that takes many forms, and leaves lasting effects – sometimes for decades. Depending on the drug, an addiction can completely change your life, or even kill you. And far too often, it will. That said, some of […]

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What Are the Advantages to a Houston Sober Living Community?

Houston sober living community | Transcend Texas

It’s hard to overcome drug addiction. Regardless of the exact nature of your addiction – the emotional factors, the physical dependence and withdrawal, the lack of support or constant temptations – everyone who struggles to stay clean struggles for a reason. It’s one of those things that can’t really be compared. Everyone has their own […]

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Addiction Trigger: How To Manage Triggers For Addictive Behavior In Recovery

addiction trigger | Transcend Texas

Learning to deal with an addiction trigger is an important part of your recovery. An addiction trigger is just those little cues that exist in life that influence your behavior. For example, you may see an old colleague and feel the urge to go grab a drink like you used to do after work. In some instances, you may […]

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7 Steps Toward Discovering A Purposeful And Meaningful Path To Recovery

Path To Recovery | Transcend Texas

Renewing your sense of purpose is an important part of the path to recovery. After struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol for so long, it is normal to feel a little lost as you begin to rebuild your life. Stepping onto a more meaningful life path isn’t as hard as it looks when […]

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