How Addiction Changes Behavior

Addiction Changes Behavior | Transcend Texas

Addiction changes behavior because it is a disease of the brain, wherein chemical changes introduced by a reaction to a certain behavior or substance cause a lasting change on the way the brain works, sometimes developing into an unmanageable and unhealthy habit. The brain cannot get addicted to a drug on the first hit. But […]

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Changing the Perception of Addiction as Failure

Perception of Addiction | Transcend Texas

Addiction is not a failure, yet many have the perception of addiction being failure. To many people, someone who is addicted is morally challenged, emotionally immature, and weak-willed. Addiction is a sign of weakness and failure to them, rather than a disease. This shows a fundamental lack of understanding in the general population of what […]

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Synthetic Drugs Are the New Danger On The Market

Synthetic Drugs Abused | Transcend Texas

Synthetic drugs are an unfortunately confusing case of terminology, as most street drugs undergo a lengthy chemical process to make it to the consumer level. However, unlike drugs like alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and even heroin, which are all based on natural plant crops, synthetic drugs are produced in a lab through a mixture of chemicals […]

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Why Is Drug Addiction So Prevalent In Cities Like Houston?

Drug Addiction In Houston | Transcend Texas

Like any big city, Houston has its fair share of problems – crime and drug addiction among them. As serious as drug addiction is, it only affects a very small fraction of the total adult population of the US, despite lax attitudes towards alcohol, and in some places, marijuana. However, in Houston, Texas as well […]

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Sex Addiction: Addiction Isn’t Limited to Just Drugs

Sex Addiction | Transcend Texas

Addiction comes in many shapes and forms. For some people, it’s drugs. For others, it’s gambling. Some people even consider obsessive behavior, like the obsession with falling in and out of love, to be a kind of addiction. Sometimes addiction also comes in the form of some of the things we all love – sex […]

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How Does Someone Become Addicted?

How You Become Addicted | Transcend Texas

Addiction is multifaceted in both its appearance and ill effects. Some people become addicted quickly, while others go through months of drug use and quit at the drop of a hat. Some people exhibit terrifying and destructive behavior, while others can successfully go through great lengths to hide their addiction, suffering underneath the surface. There […]

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How Do Drugs Affect You Mentally?

How Drugs Affect You | Transcend Texas

Hallucinogens, painkillers, depressants, stimulants. Illegal and legal drugs alike come in all shapes and sizes, in liquid, gas and solid forms, and can be found in a cabinet at a doctor’s office, the commercial refrigerators of a 7-Eleven, or in the jacket pocket of a shady businessman. In every person’s life, drugs affect you or […]

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Things To Do While Sober In Houston

Sober In Houston | Transcend Texas

Houston is a beautiful city, with a rich heritage and grand historic significance for the country. That being said, you shouldn’t just take anyone’s word for it – instead, take the opportunity to judge the city for yourself as someone who has taken a pledge to themselves to go sober in Houston, and stick to it. […]

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Why Are More People Than Ever Getting Addicted To Prescription Drugs?

Addicted To Prescription Drugs | Transcend Texas

America’s war on opioids has a long history, tracing back to the beginnings of addiction as a medical definition, and our first instance of fighting a “war on drugs”. To understand where things might have gone wrong, and what factors play into why people getting addicted to prescription drugs grew so prevalent, it’s important to take […]

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Why Community Is Important For Recovery

community is important for recovery | Transcend Texas

It’s important for every single person in recovery to feel empowered and inspired. We need to believe in ourselves if we want to accomplish anything in our lifetime – but it’s harder for people who struggle with addiction to believe in themselves than it might be for others. Sometimes, an addiction can feel stifling – […]

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