The Difference Between High & Low Functioning Alcoholics

High vs Low Functioning Alcoholics

You do not need to be the archetypal alcoholic to be struggling with alcohol use disorder. More than a caricature, alcoholism is a real and debilitating illness that can begin and develop in countless different ways, but always leads to the same tragic conclusion. Recognizing alcoholism means seeing the signs and catching the symptoms, rather […]

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The Link Between Addiction and Depression

Addiction and Depression Intertwined

Addiction and depression are, unfortunately, commonly intertwined. One may often lead to the other, and while the relationship between the two may seem straightforward at first, there are several unexpected and interlinking factors. To understand why the two are common, it’s important to understand what depression is, what addiction is, and how one relates to […]

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Making the Switch to Sober Living

Sober Living Community

Addiction treatment is patient-centric, tackling each case individually to address every person’s individual circumstances and personal challenges. This means that there is no single most effective path – treatment methods might work for some and won’t work for others. While rehab is often a good first step for many people struggling with addiction, it might […]

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How Is Your Mental Health Affected During Recovery?

How Is Mental Health Affect By Recovery

Mental health and addiction are intertwined. A person’s mental state is in constant flux, changing in reaction to different internal and external stimuli, much like a person’s physical health. Healthy reactions of the mind are, like healthy reactions of the body, both pleasant and unpleasant. Sadness and pain are normal, and important. But when the […]

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