Living With An Attitude Of Gratitude In Recovery

Living With An Attitude Of Gratitude In Recovery | Transcend Texas

Emotional energy matters immensely, precisely in recovery. Being unnecessarily bitter will only hurt you, and hurt your chances of finding pleasure in life without the need to cling to old, dark habits. Addiction feeds on emotions – it feeds on your thoughts, on your insecurities and your anxieties. Addiction will corrupt your pleasure center in […]

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Letting Go Of The Shame, Guilt That Chains You To Addiction

Shame, Guilt Keeps You Chained To Addiction | Transcend Texas

There’s a sad tendency to conflate addiction with shame, personal responsibility, and willpower. To many, the notion of succumbing to addiction is one that declares you weak and damaged. It tries to pummel you into a position of victimhood and powerlessness, one where your condition is a result of your own shortcomings and mistakes, and […]

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Adjust Your Recovery Lens For Better Focus

Adjust Your Recovery Lens For Better Focus | Transcend Texas

We live in a world where it’s common to find the quickest possible solution to everything. While we’re obviously inclined to go for what works best and fastest to solving our problems, we’ve built up a sort of need for instant gratification when it comes to information and results. People are progressively getting worse at […]

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From Sober Living To Living Sober

From Sober Living To Living Sober | Transcend Texas

Sober living homes are environments specifically designed around creating an average living situation for those recovering from addiction, to prepare them for the challenges of living with the early consequences of recovery, and the struggle of maintaining long-term sobriety. However, instead of seminars, lifestyles built around residential treatment, or a focus on rehabilitation and hospitalization, […]

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Happiness Is A By-Product, Not A Goal

Happiness Is A By-Product, Not A Goal | Transcend Texas

It’s a pretty simple assumption that people suffering from addiction aren’t happy. To be happy, is to be content. It’s to be satisfied. Happiness is making peace with things, and having no regrets. It’s being able to look at your situation in life, to be able to look yourself in the mirror, and decide that […]

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From Habit To Addiction

From Habit To Addiction | Transcend Texas

In the interest of being subjective, it’s important to see addiction from a more medical, scientifically-accurate point of view. An addiction occurs on two levels – usually when we describe an addiction, it’s a behavioral issue that has to do with compulsive consumption or a substance despite clear harm. For example, an alcoholic might be […]

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