Houston Life: All the Things You Forgot About While Addicted

Houston, TX | Transcend Texas

Set near the eastern coast of Texas, Houston is a beautiful city. Home to over 2 million people, Space City is known for its rich cultural heritage, art and museum scene, Tex-Mex cuisine, and the it sports the country’s biggest total acreage of parkland in a populous city, making it not only an urban metropolis, […]

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Mixing Alcohol And Drugs Is Deadlier Than You Might Think

Mixing Drugs Alcohol | Transcend Texas

The idea behind mixing alcohol and drugs is usually to “improve” on a user’s experience. Experimenting with drug combinations might lead to new highs, or ways to deal with a drug’s immediate negative “comedown” effects. However, in reality, mixing alcohol with other drugs only serves to create an extremely dangerous and very potent combination, landing […]

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Avoiding the Temptation to Relapse

Relapse Avoidance | Transcend Texas

The early days of addiction recovery are the hardest to get through. Not only can sobriety take a few weeks to adjust to, but the consequences of going completely abstinent will reverberate within you for quite some time, often in the form of cravings and errant reminiscing as you work to avoid relapse. A treatment […]

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Prescription Drugs Vs. Illegal Drugs: It’s All Still Drug Abuse

Illegal Drugs & Prescription Drugs | Transcend Texas

Over 60,000 Americans died from drug addiction in 2017, mostly from overdoses caused by illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methadone, and methamphetamine. Yet while much of the spotlight is on the illegal drugs coursing the streets of America, there is a potentially more sinister villain at the center of all of this: misused medication. […]

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Sobriety and You: What It Means to Be Sober

What It Means To Be Sober | Transcend Texas

Conventionally, a person is sober when they haven’t had much or anything to drink, as indicated by how well they can control their faculties. We commonly associate someone trying to be sober with being clear minded, alert, and aware. In addiction terminology, sobriety is defined more clearly as the absence of any significant mind-altering substance. But […]

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Community Can Make Or Break Your Recovery

Community in Recovery | Transcend Texas

As a medical condition, addiction is reliant on many factors. Many are quick to blame drugs for drug abuse – but it is not that simple. Others are quick to blame solely a person’s environment and suggest that loneliness is the driving factor. Yet again, it is not quite that simple. Addiction is dependent on […]

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The Best Support Systems To Encourage Your Sobriety

Support Systems For Recovery | Transcend Texas

They say it takes a village to raise a child – but once we are adults, we do not magically go our own way and live our lives out alone. We all need mentors, friends, pupils, and partners as our support systems. Life is filled with relationships and people we care about, and not only […]

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