Five Myths About Addiction

5 Myths About Addiction

There are many misconceptions surrounding the nature of addiction. Many of these errors in thinking are employed by those who have no first-hand knowledge of the struggle, but some are espoused by the recovering persons, themselves. These types of myths can impede the road to recovery, through spreading misinformation and discouragement. In seeking to help […]

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Overcoming Sex Addiction

Understanding and Overcoming Sex Addiction - Transcend Texas

In many ways, sexual addiction holds the same danger zones as does addiction to alcohol. Sex, like alcohol, is openly sold on the market. It is culturally acceptable that members of society partake in indulging the sexual cravings – through, for example, purchasing pornography – just as it is culturally acceptable that people drink alcohol at […]

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Can Pets Make A Difference In Addiction Recovery?

Can Pets Make A Difference In Addiction Recovery - Transcend Texas

Animal-based support has been used for physical therapy for quite some time, and it is becoming a popular technique for treating a range of mental health symptoms, as well. Emotional support animals (ESA’s) are currently being used to support those suffering under a range of diagnoses, including depression; anxiety; PTSD; and schizophrenia. They have been […]

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