What to Expect from A Sober Living Home

What to expect from sober living

Sober living first began as an alternative for people who underwent the full treatment program offered at their local rehab facility, yet still felt the need for an intermittent step that would help them on the road to recovery, particularly in the transition from a dedicated residential treatment environment to living in the “real world”, […]

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Recovery Is A Journey, But Starts with a Single Decision to Get Help

Taking The First Step To Recovery

Drug recovery is a lifelong commitment. The current official government stance on addiction is to understand it as a brain disease, in the sense that it shares many characteristics with a chronic condition, one that is recurring and manageable through consistent treatment. That isn’t to say that addiction is like diabetes. Rather than a medical […]

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Sex Addiction is Real and It’s Unhealthy

Sex Addiction Unhealthy

Sex correlates with less stress, more happiness, a lower risk of heart disease, a stronger immune system, lower blood sugar, and a good way to generally decrease and lessen pain, including the chronic kind. It even burns calories. By all accounts, sex is something people are generally excited about – and more accurately, it’s something […]

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